Tech companies are gearing up for the office of the future

Green, ecological and energetically sustainable offices are also called Smart Offices. You know why? Elvira Muñoz and Carlos Alonso, managing partners and heads of environmental issues at the consulting firm DEG W, which specializes in workplace design and planning, give us the answer: “Dealing with sustainability in the office offers numerous advantages. They all directly or indirectly affect the proper functioning of the company.”

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The savings measures have a direct impact on the company’s costs. “However, we must consider the indirect economic savings from increased productivity as well as improved public image, greater longevity of office design, attraction of talent, good positioning in view of changes in legislation and ultimately its better standing compared to other competing offices” , they emphasize.

And yet we take a tour of every corner of a typical office to offer you a series of actions that help improve the environment (Hover the mouse over the image fields to view the information).

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