They are aligning their growth with the beauty sector and within that, cosmetics, which is the market niche in which the brothers operate javier Y Santos Garcia Pascual. Before setting up the marketplace, they found that the online beauty product offering was very fragmented, making it difficult for users to search. The goal was therefore to bring together and compare all the industry’s offerings on a single website, but they made the initial mistake of focusing the sales channel solely on professionals in the industry.

They quickly realized they had set the ceiling too low and opened the fan to a majority audience, favoring the final launch. From last year to this year they expect growth of 40% on sales of almost €900,000.

In Quieru, it is the entities added to the platform that sell and are responsible for shipping, receiving a small one for each purchase Commission. In this role as intermediaries, they put the accent on the consumer’s behalf, for whom they have set up a telephone line (91) for inquiries and complaints. They are the ones who manage the balance payment and keep the amount from the stores up to 7 days after the delivery has been made and customer satisfaction verified.

They also maintain objectivity by suppressing recommendations of specific products and only collecting offers of items at cheaper prices than usual on their blog. However, they allow suggestions on beauty blogs or YouTuber specialized in the sector, which has allowed them to gain visibility on the web and give the company access to an SEO.

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The potential of the industry is great. Only in Spain is it expected that the beauty industry will move 7,000 million euros per year. The main customers are women between the ages of 25 and 45, but men are also increasingly addicted to face and body care. The average number of orders is €90 and although they don’t sell products that aren’t distributed in Spain, they sometimes receive orders from nearby foreign markets, as is the case in Portugal. Latin America also contributes significant traffic to this marketplace with searches from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico or Argentina, so it doesn’t rule out replicating the business model in any of them.

To expand and tackle internationalization, they hope to attract investors to a venture capital round they wish to participate in and which they hope will be successful according to the metrics already considered.

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