Atwendo is a website that brings together a selection of European stores and designers, unlike any other online sales site that offers it free consulting service. “It allows direct communication between the boutiques and the customer, bringing the good treatment of lifelong commerce to online commerce,” explains Juan José Martínez, one of the four founders of this portal. Next to him are David Olmos, Samuel Moreno and Jaun José Santos, all telecom or computer engineers and already involved in internet entrepreneurship.

This inclusion of the figure of personal shopper distinguishes it from the online sales format, although it was also one of theirs main problems at start time. “As this is a new business model involving more traditional entrepreneurs and in some cases a certain distaste for the technological world, it was difficult to convey the boutique’s need to have an online presence to reach their customer base expand without investment. important in technology,” stresses Juanjo Santos.

That investment Initially, it was paid for by the partners, although they later applied for EINSA credit and are preparing a new round financing addressing business angels. They currently have an office in Madrid and another in Paris, but also have other European capitals in their sights. “Atwendo is a service born from an international desire, the site is in Spanish, English and French and we have the logistical capacity to reach the most important places on the planet.”

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