Having a dog is a lot of fun, but also a headache from time to time. For example, if you don’t even have time to eat and your pet has to go out, or if you’re going away for the weekend and your loved ones aren’t very fond of animals. Every dog ​​owner will have encountered these types of problems. Loly Garrido is one of them and decided to find a solution. “Until the launch of Gudog, dog owners could only find listings or dog sitters in classified ads online, but without a brand behind it that would offer guarantees,” explains the entrepreneur.

The sitters who advertise on the Internet offer themselves for walks, home care at the owner’s home, or for housing the animal while the owner travels. They can be found thanks to a very simple search engine where you type in the location and it returns the closest results and you can see the fees and caregiver opinions if any. In return, Gudog accuses her of a percentage commission for using the site. In a market study, Garrido found nothing similar in Spain and in April 2012 decided to set up himself. “In the US, a platform of this type was launched in March 2012 and by November of the same year they reported that they had already invoiced more than a million dollars.”

Loly Garrido has not resorted to any external source of financing for the start-up, “although we have to find investors for our start-up right now because we cannot afford large advertising campaigns to make Gudog known in other countries”. The initial money was dedicated to the site – particularly intuitive and easy to use – and to flyers and advertising.


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