The shoes of the heirs of La Mesta

The commissioning of Yay started to pound in my head Pablo plus, founder and CEO of the company, in early 2017. At the time he worked for the shoe company Camper, so he knew the industry. His idea was to create a brand of comfortable shoes using an innovative, natural and environmentally friendly material. He also wanted to produce in Spain. He found the answer in merino wool. “There was a huge demand for merino wool in fashion. Lots of Spanish brands used it in sweaters, jackets, etc. It was stuff bonus and that fit our premise of natural innovation and comfort. In addition, it allowed everything to be developed in Spain, since there was an important weaving industry there, in line with our commitment to local production,” says Mas.

He set to work and contacted the Textile Technological Institute (Aitex) to develop a fabric made of merino wool with them. The result is a comfortable, high quality, natural, sustainable and biodegradable material. It is also temperature-regulating and breathable, so your shoes can be worn in both winter and summer. In addition, merino wool has antibacterial properties, so it can be used without socks without causing unpleasant odors.

From the sheep to the shop

This material was not used to make shoes, so Yuccs could not go to the market to buy fabric for his shoes. “We take the wool and make a product that doesn’t exist. Each time we produce the fabric, it takes four months. You can’t order fabric from the supplier and have it delivered tomorrow. If stocks run out, we’ll have to wait. The major shoe brands buy fabrics and leathers from suppliers who have color charts and materials to choose from. We don’t have that,” explains Mas.

This circumstance determines its business model. “It requires much higher planning. And also a higher risk in development and production. For example, if we don’t produce a fabric and receive a smaller quantity, we can produce fewer shoes. That happened to us at the beginning,” he admits.

The designs come from their “headquarters” in Palma. Later, the company works side by side with more than a dozen suppliers from all over Spain to manufacture all the components of its shoes. Not just the wool, but also the soles, laces and insoles developed by the company itself. “These materials cannot be found at any other shoe manufacturer on the market,” says the founder. Finally, they are assembled in a factory in Elche, with which they work closely. “They understand the concept of what we do and are very involved with the brand. They are also heavily integrated into the production process. It is a medium-sized factory and gives us the opportunity to continue to grow hand in hand with them in the years to come,” he explains.

out of the herd

In a sector as saturated as footwear, Yuccs is very clear about its competitive advantages. On the one hand, differentiation as they are the only shoes on the market made from Merino wool. Another strength is specialization. Currently it offers only one model, available in different colors and in its version for men or women. “Shoe companies usually release many collections with different materials and designs. As a brand philosophy, we have the idea of ​​launching only two new products every year,” explains Mas.

The company managed to make the customer understand the proposal and perceive its products as something unique. More specific than his main point goal People between the ages of 30 and 65 are willing to pay the 95 euros that theirs giggles. So far she has been able to place practically her entire production. In fact, it suffered several bearing failures last year. “About half of the sales were made on reservation. There were people who were on the waiting list for up to three months to buy our shoes because we didn’t have any. Now we have stocks and we will try to improve the forecasts,” he comments.

Yuccs is firmly committed to the Ecommerce. 95% of sales come from your online store. and does not sell marketplaces Outsiders because you want to stay in control of your brand. “It helps us control communication, brand image, price, etc.,” Mas specifies. In addition, it highlights its low yield, which stands at 4%. “It is significantly low for a Ecommerce‘ he comments. It should be noted that the company offers free shipping and returns.

This desire to control the brand translates to the physical channel, which contributes the remaining 5% of its revenue. His shoes are sold in a few multi-brand stores, but without intermediaries. “We don’t work with distributors because control is lost. We choose where we go. They are exclusive and selected stores that suit us in terms of image, philosophy and range. These are conceptual and minimalist establishments where design and exclusivity are important. Also, these are unique businesses, not franchises or just distributors where we can have direct contact with the owners,” he explains. It has three offices in Palma, Valencia and Barcelona. And she wants to keep growing in this channel, but as a supplement to the online channel.

In addition, it will open its first own physical store in Madrid this year. “Many may be wondering how we opened a store with only three products. They’ll think we’re crazy. But we will present a different store concept where we can explain the development of materials and our brand philosophy and offer a shopping experience,” says Mas.

jump to Germany

Although most sales are made in our country, Yuccs has export in mind. Based in Palma, Yuccs knows the German customer well and approached the German market last year. This leap was made possible by a round of financing signed by the Sakovics Matutes family last spring, in which they collected EUR 300,000. “If we engage in the online channel, we believe that we will reach the whole world. But it’s not true. You need to invest in marketing to get traffic and response. We are working to improve logistics, operations and communication in Germany and transfer the Spanish model there. Every country has a huge market and it’s not just about being in 20 countries in 2 years. We want to grow and see how each market reacts. If everything goes well, one day we will open our own store in Germany,” says the CEO.

Yuccs launched its first collection – around 1,000 pairs of sneakers – at the end of 2018. Last year was the first full year in which it sold 10,000 pairs and achieved a turnover of one million euros. In this exercise, the expectation is to produce between 30,000 and 40,000 shoes, thereby trebling its sales. “Mainly at the hands of the Ecommerce. But also the opening for the channels Wholesale Y retail trade, which will help us achieve that reckoning,” explains the founder. In addition, the company will continue to promote the online shop it launched in Germany last year.

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