Zaragoza activedependent on the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment of the City of Zaragoza, and the Online Marketing Agency of Zaragoza wanatop beginning from June 8th the “Zaragoza Digital Training”, an online training program followed by advice to help entrepreneurs and SMEs to digitize their business.

The first part consists of a cycle of twelve one-hour lectures by industry professionals and will take place from June 8th to 25th in online format. Interested parties can register via ZAC Network of the City of Zaragoza in each of the newspapers in which they are interested. The webinar that opens the cycle next Monday 8th will look at consumer behavior online via what is known as consumer behavior customer journey.

Then there are various lectures on digitization, payment methods and transactions or selling on the Internet without an online shop; branding advice for web copy or aspects of marketing, social networks, local businesses on Google, content strategy, web analytics fundamentals and Amazon.

Building a strategy with examples from local companies, the legal aspects of a digital business and how remote workers work, especially in times of the teleworking boom, will be the conversations that will conclude the “Zaragoza Digital Training”.

For the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Employment of the City of Zaragoza, Carmen Herrarteit is important to hold such a training event for the digitization of small businesses and SMEs. “Apart from the fact that the topic is very varied, these sessions are full of examples of other small companies of the same size that have already taken the step of going digital in Zaragoza, have done so successfully and will give their experience,” explains the consultant.

Webinar Calendar

Regarding the schedule for scheduled webinars, it is as follows:

– Customer journey. The journey to conquer your customer. (8th June)

– From your bag to mine. Online transactions and payment methods. (9 June)

– How to sell online without having an online store? (the 10th of June)

– How do I write well on the Internet? (June 11th)

– How can social networks help your business? (15th June)

– Content strategies for real businesses. (June 16)

– How do users behave on your website? Google Analytics Basics (June 17)

– Sell worldwide on Amazon. Sales tricks and success stories. (18th of June)

– Local businesses and Google. (June 22)

– Create your digital strategy. (23rd June)

– Learn to manage and work with templates remotely. (June 24)

– How to comply with the law in your digital business. (25th June)

Digitization SMEs, further training, free of charge