Zinco Business Solutions is a group dedicated to providing high value-added professional services. The knowledge and accumulated experience in the areas in which they work allow them to offer quality answers and solutions that generate a high level of satisfaction.

Diverse customer profile

The profile of the companies that rely on Zinco Business is wide and covers different sectors of activity: automotive, the spare parts industry, transport, technology companies, start-ups or family businesses. Most of them have a common denominator: they share their desire to develop a high-quality and innovative project. Through AECI, their agency in Amsterdam, they support and sponsor causes of public and social interest. For example, they sponsor the Círculo de Empresarios, a meeting place where Hispanic business people and executives based in the Netherlands can meet and share their experiences.

outsourcing processes

Improving profitability and productivity is one of the challenges companies face in a highly competitive environment. From this point of view, Zinco considers business outsourcing as a fundamental tool that allows companies not to divert resources unnecessarily. Outsourcing certain business processes helps reduce costs and create long-term value. Her services cover the following disciplines: Marketing and Communications Department, Computer Management Department, Criminal and Marriage Law Departments.

Multidisciplinary office

They offer permanent or specific consulting services on national or international accounting regulations. The multidisciplinary nature of their organization, together with the quality and experience of the team of experts, allows them to offer the services that companies are currently demanding. For the audit of the financial statements, ZincoBS uses an effective methodology based on the application of technological innovations in audit procedures, which allows to determine the level of audit depth and verification of accounting documents and records.

Founding year: 2011

Main Specialty:

More specialties:
• Consulting in the various areas of tax and corporate tax management, accounting, real estate, insurance, commercial law, civil law, insolvency law, international law, technology consulting and administrative procedures in the specialist areas of automotive and transport.

Partner: Jesus Gonzalez, Andres Palos, Jose Reyes.

Avenue Rome, 119-121
08011 Barcelona
Telephone + 34 93 444 81 74


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